Is complexity disrupting your cloud strategy?

A great cloud strategy takes advantage of cloud technologies to power new ways of working faster and easier. But, these strategies can introduce new challenges, like cloud sprawl, that get in the way of the efficiency and productivity gains you hoped for. As companies accelerate their cloud adoption, we need a new mindset that embraces constant change and helps solve growing complexity.

90% of companies now use public cloud services.

Cloud apps are proliferating… fast

While cloud services are essential to a successful cloud strategy, getting ahead of the cloud sprawl challenge is crucial to success. You need to support a growing number of cloud apps and sensitive company information stored across multiple cloud vendors so users can get access from many devices across several networks. All of this means more complexity—and more risk. Business is happening outside the corporate firewall and workloads are moving out of the datacenter into branch locations, private and public clouds. You need a cloud strategy to get ahead of it.

  • 87% of IT leaders believe their organizations are more complex with the cloud
  • 52% of IT workloads will be in the cloud by 2020
  • 60% of employees use public cloud for company data
  • 14 public/SaaS apps are used daily by a typical company

Cloud sprawl is creating complexity and uncertainty

End users lack confidence their apps and content will be available, consistent and perform where and when they need them. Business leaders can’t say with confidence who is accessing their applications or where their sensitive information resides. And IT and Networking professionals are uncertain they can manage all this complexity.

End users are:

  • Hobbled by multiple access credentials
  • Frustrated by inconsistent authentication and fragmented experiences across services
  • Working around IT because of a lack of personalization

Businesses are:

  • Stymied by poor visibility into how sensitive company information, employee details and customer data is being accessed and where it all lives
  • Grappling with lost productivity and reduced efficiency
  • Risking legal, PR, and IP disasters from possible breach of compliance or security measures
  • Faced with sunk costs of legacy IT infrastructure

IT is:

  • Diverted from strategic work and tasks by complex infrastructure and cumbersome management
  • Hesitant to dismantle custom and legacy systems
  • Unable to manage, monitor and control which applications, services, and devices their employees are using and how those applications are performing

Confidently pursue your cloud strategy with a secure digital workspace that reliably delivers the apps and content your workforce needs to be productive anywhere

The secure digital workspace orchestrates today’s complex hybrid- and multi-cloud IT environments into a unified workspace experience by securely delivering the relevant apps and content based on the context across any device, network and platform. And with a secure digital perimeter, your workspace remains protected wherever your people work.

A secure digital perimeter virtually surrounds the user, apps, and network for greater visibility and control. It can minimize and hide attack surfaces that live beyond the data center, across various devices, apps, and content distributed on premises and through hybrid and multi-cloud networks. Because you are able to centrally define contextual, user-centric policies, you can deliver a personalized experience without compromising security.

Security and performance analytics provide a detailed, end-to-end view of the user, the endpoint, and the network. You’ll see where you can improve workspace performance, and detect anomalies and threats in advance to mitigate security breaches.

Users have a unified experience with a single point of access to all the apps they need on any device, anywhere. 

Unified experience: Users enjoy unified access for all types of apps on any device, across any cloud and network.

“BYO” identity: Users can use existing credentials for many cloud apps, reducing the hassle of managing additional user names and passwords.

Single sign-on: Through a consolidated front-end, users securely access various apps and services with one set of credentials for a richer user experience and simplified administration.

Contextual access and performance: The secure digital workspace automatically adapts to who you are, where you are, what network you’re using, what you’re doing, and even to IoT devices that are in use—so you have exactly what you need, when you need it. IT saves time, and users become more productive.

IT can secure hybrid- and multi-cloud, multi-device environments with a secure digital perimeter and manage it all through a single control plane.

Unified endpoint management: Enables IT to securely manage the delivery of apps and content across all device and OS types—including corporate-owned and "bring-your-own"—using a comprehensive policy engine.

App Ops: Radically simplify IT tasks by automating the most cumbersome parts of user onboarding, resource scaling, and continuous monitoring of the full environment for higher quality of service.

Content collaboration: IT can set policies that automate the operational realities that stem from the business need of rights management, content access and sharing, and automating workflows.

The secure digital workspace solves cloud sprawl in three ways

Unified: Provide an intuitive experience across apps, services, and cloud networks with transparent access to data across on-premises and multi-cloud environments

Secure: Create an analytics-based, user-centric, secure digital perimeter with comprehensive control and visibility across apps, devices, and networks

Contextual: Delivers adaptive content, performance, and access to match each worker’s requirements and device, automating the drudgery and eliminating errors

Confidently prepare for what’s ahead with a secure digital workspace

The Citrix Workspace Service helps you orchestrate today’s complex hybrid- and multi-cloud IT environments into a unified and secure workspace experience. We can help you adopt the latest innovations while making it simple to deliver, manage, and secure every cloud service you need, when you need it.

Pursue your cloud strategy with confidence.

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